01. You should eat a good meal before going hiking or you'll run out of [energy] pretty quickly.
02. Hopefully, scientists will someday find a new source of [energy] which is less harmful for the environment than oil or nuclear power.
03. Children are amazingly [energetic]; they can play for hours without getting tired.
04. After sitting in an office all day, playing squash really [energizes] me.
05. After working all day, she simply didn't have the [energy] to go out dancing in the evening.
06. The runner took a break from training for a day to conserve his [energy] before the big race.
07. You would probably have more [energy] if you ate properly.
08. A local environmental group is organizing a demonstration to protest against the government's plans to open a new nuclear [energy] plant in the area.
09. Albert Camus once said that nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous [energy] merely to be normal.
10. When [energy] is used, it doesn't disappear - it merely goes elsewhere or is changed into another form.
11. Petroleum accounts for nearly half the world's [energy] supply.
12. According to a recent study, about 2.5 billion people living in the world today have no access to modern [energy] services.
13. In Iceland, [energy] produced by underground volcanic activity is used to heat 90% of the country's buildings.
14. More than half the [energy] used during 1975 was provided by oil.
15. The young couple danced [energetically] around the room.
16. We've been focusing all our [energies] for the past week in getting this proposal together.
17. [Energy] binds atoms together into molecules.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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